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BLOM BANK is the Lebanese Bank with the largest international branch network. In addition to its 57 branches that are spread over the Lebanese territories, the bank has a branch in Limassol, six branches in Jordan and a representative office in Abu Dhabi. Today, BLOM BANK subsidiaries complete the international network to include branches in each of France, London, Romania, Switzerland, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sharjah and Qatar. Moreover, BLOM BANK Group offers investment banking through its specialized bank BLOMINVEST Bank and Islamic Banking through BLOM Development Bank, both of which are located in Lebanon. In the insurance domain, BLOM BANK Group offers insurance services and products through AROPE Insurance companies in Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt.


BLOM BANK FRANCE is headquartered in PARIS-France. The Bank was established in 1976 and currently has branches in Paris, London, Romania, Dubai and Sharjah.


BLOM BANK FRANCE services include:
  • Retail Banking: Retail Banking services are offered in all of our branches. Those services include current and checking accounts, consumer loans, debit/credit cards as well as term deposits.
  • Private and Investment: Asset management services are offered to the high net-worth segment providing access to capital and money markets to best meet the need of investors for global portfolio management. Those include cash placements, bonds, shares, commodities, derivatives as well as term deposits in all major currencies.
  • Corporate Banking: BLOM BANK FRANCE offers a wide range of banking and financial services provided for domestic and international operations. Those services include access to commercial banking products of which trade finance operations and funding, corporate financing and overdrafts, as well as domestic clearing and international payments, term loans in local and foreign currencies, letters of guarantee etc. 

Headquarters (Paris)

38-40 avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris - France
Phone: (33-1) 44 95 06 06
Fax: (33-1) 44 95 06 00
Reuter : BANO
Email :
Website :
Branch Manager: Mr. Iskandar ARAMAN


Highly personalized services have been offered since inception in 1975. A predominant multilingual Lebanese staff caters to Arabic speaking clients as well as a growing foreign population. The upper management of the bank being accessible to customers at short notice provides that additional personal touch.
  • Corporate Banking: Working capital facilities: overdraft, checks, discounting and short term bridge financing are offered to satisfy current and future business needs.
    - Trade finance: our team of professionals, with their pristine know-how and efficient service, has positioned our bank as a reference in corporate services. Working with our clients' tight schedule and demanding business environment is always our number one priority.
    - Project financing: We provide flexibility to study and analyze any new venture or investment in the market while helping our client making the right choices and financial structure for their success.
  • Retail Banking:
    - Current accounts: Flexible current accounts to fit all customers' banking needs, coupled with minimum maintenance.
    - Term deposits: Savings tailored to your convenience with attractive interest rates.
Deira, Al Maktoum St., Sheikh Ahmad Ben Rached al Maktoum Bldg.
P.O. Box:  4370 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: (971-4) 2284655 – 2278196
Fax: (971-4) 2236260
Swift : BLOM AE AD
Email :
Branch Manager: Mr. Samir HOBEIKA


Jebel Ali

(Electronic Branch)
Ground Floor, Bldg. 4, The Galleries
Jebel Ali, Dubai
Phone: (971-4) 8849311
Fax: (971-4) 8849388
Email :
Khaled Lagoon, Corniche al Buhairah, Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad al Thani Bldg.
P.O. Box: 5803 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone: (971-6) 5736700 – 5736100  
Fax: (971-6) 5736080      
Email :
Branch Manager : Mr. Rami MATTA



  • A universal banking model developed by BLOM BANK FRANCE.
  • Access to a wide range of traditional, highly personalized banking services including deposits, current accounts, foreign exchange and documentary credits.
  • Value added expertise and focus on niche customer service satisfaction.
  • Experienced opinion on UK real estate market and assistance in property management as well as high value asset backed financing.


193-195 Brompton Road, London SW3 1LZ, England
Phone: (44-20) 75907777
Fax: (44-20) 78237356
Swift : BLOM GB 2L
Email : Senior Manager : Mr. Amr TURK



BLOM BANK FRANCE in Romania presents its banking services to the Romanian market through corporate and commercial banking.
Corporate lines of credit are granted for companies to finance their working capital, and their expansion in outstanding industrial and agricultural projects.
The bank in Romania specializes in trade finance services, with a particular interest in letters of credit and letters of guarantee.
In addition to its focus on Arab communities, BLOM BANK FRANCE targets Romanian customers with a strong structure.
For international groups, BLOM BANK FRANCE offers many advantages to the targeted customers in Romania, especially in the area of trade finance and fund transfers.
MasterCard services are now available for customers, and the implementation of e-banking is currently in progress.

Headquarters (Bucharest)

Unirii Blvd. No. 66, Bloc K3,  Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: (40-21) 3027201/6
Fax: (40-21) 3185214/03
General Manager: Mr. Jean-Pierre BAAKLINI
Deputy General Manager: Mrs. Veronica PETRESCU


Established in 1979, BLOM BANK (Switzerland) SA is a Swiss Bank based in Geneva, Switzerland, politically and economically one of the most stable countries.

BLOM BANK (SWITZERLAND) main mission is to protect client assets through our financial strength and by offering conservative and proven investments.

In today’s sophisticated world, safety means prudent policies, a strong balance sheet and conservative banking traditions.

Those qualities made BLOM BANK (SWITZERLAND) one of the safest banks. Our asset quality and capital ratios are among the strongest in the banking sector.

At BLOM BANK (SWITZERLAND) we provide private and investment banking services:

  • Investment consultancy
  • Time deposits in all currencies
  • Portfolio management
  • Letters of credit and guarantees
  • Foreign exchange and precious metal transactions
  • Establishment of companies and foundations

Headquarters (Geneva)

1, Rue de la Rôtisserie
P.O. Box: 3040 -1211 Geneva 3 – Switzerland
Phone: (41-22) 8177100
Fax: (41-22) 8177190

Whatever type of investment you wish to undertake, make sure your decisions are based on a solid reference.
BLOMINVEST BANK the investment banking arm of the leading banking group BLOM BANK provides you with the most reliable investment advice making sure it can always be your investment reference, giving you peace of mind.


At BLOMINVEST BANK, we strive to build a long-term relationship with our customers providing them with comprehensive and diversified financial services in each of the following fields:
  • Private Banking: BLOMINVEST BANK has a team of professional Private Bankers that address client investment needs and offer them wealth management advisory services.
  • Asset Management: Is in charge of developing multi asset class funds that meet the risk level requirements of clients.
  • Investment Banking: The Investment Banking Department offers integrated financing and corporate advisory services.
  • Capital Markets: are in charge of providing brokerage and trading services across all asset classes on a global scale.
  • Communications & Investor Relations: are entrusted to promote the BLOM stock with relevant stakeholders including shareholders, the buy and sell side analyst community as well as investors at large.
  • Research & Publications: Analysts produce daily, weekly and quarterly reports on the Lebanese economy and its constituting sectors. In addition, it provides country reports on regional economies. It also publishes the BLOM Stock Index (BSI), Lebanon’s first financial market index that covers all stocks quoted on the BSE, and conducts equity research on major Lebanese and regional companies.

Headquarters (Beirut)

Verdun, Rachid Karami St., BLOM BANK Bldg. – 2nd Flr.
P.O. Box: 11-1540, Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107
2080 Lebanon
Phone: (961-1) 738938 – 743300 – 348246
Fax: (961-1) 749148

BLOM BANK EGYPT is a commercial bank offering a full range of banking and financial services. It has a network of 26 branches covering Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Damietta, Port Said, Mansoura, Ismailia and soon in Tanta.


  • Retail Banking:
    Current Accounts: Flexible current accounts to fit all customers’ banking needs, coupled with minimal maintenance.
    - Saving Accounts: Savings tailored to your convenience with attractive interest rates.
    - Certificate of Deposits: Competitive returns with variable or fixed interest rates coupled with maturities to meet all requirements.
    - BLOM Golden Deposits: BLOM special short-term deposits with high returns (for individual accounts only).
  • Consumer Loans:
    Car Loans: Get the car of your dreams with less hassle and speedy application approval.
    - Personal Loans: BLOM BANK EGYPT helps you finance your current needs with competitive rates and flexible conditions.
    - BLOM BANK EGYPT prestigious Gold MasterCard Credit: Higher credit balances for the shopaholics among us.
    - BLOM BANK EGYPT Flexible Classic MasterCard Credit: a great flexibility companion within your reach.
    - BLOM BANK EGYPT Debit MasterCard-123: the First MasterCard co-branded card with the largest local ATM network.
    - BLOM BANK EGYPT Payroll services: An advanced automated payroll service.
  • Corporate Banking:
    Well Structured corporate lines of credit: Never be short on liquidity again with our competitive corporate lines to satisfy your current and future business needs.
    - Letters of Guarantees / Letters of Credits: Our team of professionals with their pristine know-how, efficient service and competitive pricing, have positioned BLOM BANK EGYPT as the leader in corporate services. Working with our clients’ tight schedule and demanding business environment is always our number one priority.
  • In addition to all mentioned current products, we are constantly adding new products  as we do care to help and assist in the best way we can, while earning your trust.

Headquarters (Cairo)

New Cairo, 61, 90 St., BLOM BANK Bldg. 
Phone: (202) 33322770/1-9
Fax: (202) 37494508 – 37494168

BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES is among the leading financial services institutions in Egypt, offering a broad range of comprehensive first rate financial services for both retail and institutional investors.
The company was established in 1997 and acquired by Misr Romanian Bank in 2000. In 2006 BLOM BANK EGYPT acquired BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES and increased its capital to 30 million EGP.
BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES aims to deliver its best services through creating the finest working environment for its staff, thus empowering its clients to reach their investment goals.


BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES strives to promote a win-win relationship with clients and business partners, building relationships around high degrees of mutual benefit and trust.
  • Trading on all securities listed on EGX: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES enables its client to trade on all securities listed on EGX, and at the least brokerage commission rates, a rate that won’t be a burden on any portfolio, whatever its size and with no portfolio minimum limit.
  • Intra-day trading (T+0): The company provides the privilege of executing intraday trading for high turnover motivated clients, allowing them to benefit from Intraday Trading opportunities.
  • Margin Trading: The Company provides its clients to maximize their profit through leveraging their trades according to the margin finance trading system with various margin calls.
  • Online Trading: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES online Trading allows clients to conduct trades and control their investment portfolios in real time, offering immediate and secure access to their equity and up to date market information and financial news.
  • GDR Execution: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES allows clients to Trade on the Egyptian listed Companies in London Stocks Exchange.
  • OTC Ownership Transfer: Execute property ownership transfer transactions for the non-listed companies of the EGX.
  • Technical Analysis: The Company provides its clients with a daily overview for the expected Market performance according to the basis of the technical analysis science that is performed by highly experienced technicians.
  • Financial Analysis: The Company provides its clients with financial reviews and research wrap ups for the issued evaluation reports about the listed companies of the EGX.
  • Work Station: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES provides its clients with a workstation that:
    - Provides real-time display of stock prices as well as buy/purchase orders and executions.
    - Displays the latest and most important news.
    - Real-time trades enabling clients to act immediately on investment decisions.
  • Timely News Service: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES provides up-to-date news coverage of listed securities as well as coverage and reports on all of the various sectors of the Egyptian market.


Headquarters (Cairo)

Giza, Mohandessin, Gezerat El Arab St., 8 Bldg.
Phone: (202) 37 617 682 - 3 - 7
Fax: (202) 37 617 680
Email : 

BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK (BDB) is a full-fledged Islamic bank that was established in February 2006 and became operational in March 2007. BDB carries out its banking practices in compliance with the provision of the Islamic Sharia and pursuant to the instructions and regulations of the Lebanese Central Bank (Bank du Liban). BDB also abides by the rules of its Sharia Board that consists of three prominent Sharia scholars: Sheikh Dr Abdel Sattar Abou Ghudda, Sheikh Amin el Kurdi and Sheikh Houssein el Kheshen.


BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK offers a complete range of Islamic banking services: 
  • Deposit accounts: Current account, Investment accounts ( Restricted and Unrestricted)
  • Trade finance services :
    Import Letter of Credit:
      Standard L/C (Without client financing)
      Murabaha L/C (With client financing)
      Wakala L/C (Hybrid L/C with client financing)
    - Export Letter of credit.
    - Bills of collection (B/C):
      Standard B/C (Without client financing)
      Murabaha B/C (With client financing)
    - Letters of guarantee.
    - Wakala: To back up your purchase needs when the deliverables are deferred in time.
  • Fixed assets: durable goods and SME financing.
  • Investment banking: Sharia compliant investment vehicles.
  • Takaful insurance: for Cars, Industries, and bankTakaful for family.


Headquarters (Beirut)

Hamra, Abdel Aziz St., Daher Bldg.
Phone: (961-1) 751090/1/2/3
Fax: (961-1) 751094
Branch Manager: Mr. Tarek HOUSSAMI



Tripoli Branch

Al Mina Road, Al Ahli Bldg.
Phone: (961-6)  429101/2/3
Fax: (961-6) 429104
Email: bdb.Tripoli
Branch Manager: Mr. Kamil KASSIR

BLOMINVEST SAUDI ARABIA provides a broad range of financial advisory and investment services for public and private entities in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

  • Corporate Finance: Arranging Services & Advisory for large companies in areas of Private Placements, M&As, Sukuk, Equity & Portfolio Management, Debt Advisory, and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
  • Launching of Private Equity and Real Estate Funds.
  • Investment, Advisory and Wealth Management Services.
  • Financial Brokerage Services in Regional & International Markets including various research services.

Headquarters (Riyadh)

Riyadh, King Fahd Road, Al Oula Bldg., 3rd Flr.
P.O.BOX: 8151 Riyadh - 11482
Phone: (966-1) 4949555
Fax: (966-1) 4949551

BLOM BANK QATAR offers various distinguished conventional corporate and private banking services in the Qatari market and other GCC. countries.


BLOM BANK QATAR conducts the following regulated activities:
  • Private and Investment Banking: The Bank offers its expertise in private banking and relationship management to high net-worth individuals, aiding them in reaching their financial goals through a variety of specialized products and services.
  • Corporate Banking: The Bank provides tailor-made credit facilities to corporate clients such as working capital financing through overdrafts, short-term lending, letters of credit and letters of guarantee, as well as project financing.

Headquarters (Doha)

West Bay Area, Al Qassar Region 61, Al Wahda St., NBK (Amwal) Tower, 11th Flr., Suite 1110
P.O.BOX- 27700 – Doha, Qatar
Phone: (974) 44992999
Fax: (974) 44992990


Arope’s comprehensive Insurance Solutions, especially conceived to satisfy all clients’ requirements, include:
  • Life & Personal Accidents Insurance
    - Retirement Plans: AROPE Open Life (AOL) & Damanati Plus ( In collaboration with BLOM BANK)
    - Educational Plans: Ta3leem & Waladi Plus ( In collaboration with BLOM BANK)
    - Investment Plan: TayseerCredit Life
    - Term Life
    - Personal Accident
  • Healthcare Insurance
    In-Hospital Health Insurance Plans
    - Out-Hospital Health Insurance Plans
    - Expatriate Insurance Plan
    - Travel Assistance
  • Motor Insurance
    Third Party Liability – Material Damage
    - Third Party Liability – Bodily Injury
    - All Risks Insurance Plans
    - Orange Card
  • Marine Insurance
    Cargo Insurance Plan
    - Hull & Pleasure Boat Insurance Plans
  • Property Insurance
    Multi-Risks Insurance Plans
    - Fire and Allied Perils
    - Burglary
    - Engineering
    - Money Insurance
  • Liabilities Insurance
    - General Third Party Liability
    - Workmen Compensation
    - Professional Liability
  • Takaful
    Tailor-made Insurance Solutions are available upon request.


Headquarters (Beirut)

Verdun, Rachid Karami St., AROPE Plaza, BLOM BANK Bldg.
P.O. Box: 113-5686 Beirut – Lebanon
Phone: (961-1) 759999
Fax: (961-1) 344012
Call Center: (961-1) 747555 - (01) or ( 03) 1219
AROPE INSURANCE, member of BLOM BANK Group, was granted approval from the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority to establish two insurance companies, AROPE LIFE INSURANCE - EGYPT and AROPE INSURANCE OF PROPERTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - EGYPT.


AROPE LIFE INSURANCE - EGYPT and AROPE INSURANCE OF PROPERTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - EGYPT have various types of insurance services among them are the following:
  • Non-Life Insurance
    Fire Insurance
    - Motor Insurance
    - Cargo Insurance
    - Engineering
    - Accident Insurance
  • Life Insurance
    Educational Plan
    - Wedding Plan
    - Retirement plan
    - Practical Protection

Tailor-made Insurance Solutions are available upon request.

Headquarters (Cairo)

8 Gezirat El Arab, Mohandeseen
Phone: (202) 33323299
Fax: (202) 33361482 – 33361483
Short No.: (202) 19243

Blom Securities Jordan:

BLOM Securities is a Brokerage firm %100 owned by BLOM Bank Group with a paid in capital of JOD 5 m, licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to conduct financial brokerage activities. It started operating in Jordan as a member of BLOM Bank Group in 2012 as a step towards achieving BLOM Bank Group‘s strategy and continuous efforts to offer a wide range of investment and brokerage services in the Jordanian market.


BLOM Securities offers a wide range of convenient brokerage services that the client would expect, starting from providing information, reports and comments on the Jordanian market" ASE” and ending with providing quality trade execution on market, but our aim is to do them a little differently; to respond more quickly than the client would expect; to give our client options they hadn’t even thought of; to make complex deals easy to understand


Shmeisani, Al Sharif Abdel Hamid Sharaf St
Phone: (962-6) 5661608/5
Fax: (962-6) 5663905