Real Estate

Having a wide variety of investment activities and being well-acquainted with all sorts of markets due to its presence in 12 countries, in addition to working closely in the Saudi and Gulf real-estate markets, BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia has vouched to provide real-estate investment with all its promising and unique prospects by launching real-estate investment funds managed by a distinguished managerial staff who had the honors to supervise the early stages of establishing real-estate funds in the Kingdom. BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia has launched a group of distinguished real-estate funds, each of which is based on a unique real-estate opportunity with rewarding returns. BLOMINVEST is still working on seizing unique real-estate opportunities and presenting them to their clients as real-estate funds in accordance with the Capital market authority regulations.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Real Estate

Looking to invest in real estate? Wondering if now is really the “right time” to be making such a huge commitment? It is always imperative to remember that the home you buy will be an investment and down the road it will be worth a lot more. Inevitably, it comes down to not only the real estate market, but also to each individual’s personal situation.